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Diana Lim | The Caricaturist & Art Instructor

213445 Diana Lim is a caricaturist as well as an art instructor. Besides watercolour, Diana likes to paint with other mediums such as Acrylic, oil and Chinese ink. Diana is currently a life member of Singapore Watercolour Society; Singapore Art Society, Society of Chinese Artists and the NAFA alumni association. Diana was awarded the Shell […]


Since 18 years old, Valerie has been creating art pieces and has been a full time artist and face painting artist for the past few years. She is adept in Spontaneous Expressionism sketching, acrylic painting, portraits and pastel drawing. Valerie, a Fine Arts graduate in Painting from LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore), also studied […]

Jeremy – The Digital Children’s Illustrator Artist

Jeremy Spencer has been a professional illustrator for six years. It was through his studies, and he developed a passion for digital illustration. After graduations from the Art Institute of New York city, he  jumped straight into a job where he created illustrations for wall art, interior art painting and more. But when he discovered the children’s market, […]

“The Singapore Story” – Epic SG50 Sand Art Tribute by Lawrence Koh

Dear friends, After sacrificing my sleep day after day (by sleeping around 7am or 8am…), I’m very very proud to share with you my most detailed and strenuous sand animation art film to date; portraying more than 20 scenes in this very film using sand. Since I was small all the way till today, my […]