[360 VR] Singapore-Japan Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition 2017

Singapore-Japan Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition 2017 is an ink painting exhibition jointly organized by the Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy and Painting Society (Singapore) and The International Sumi-e Association (Japan).

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[360 VR] NS50 ION Art Gallery  Exhibition 2017

In 2017, we commemorate 50 years of National Service (NS50). This is a significant milestone in Singapore’s nation building journey. For 50 years, NS has fulfilled a critical need for defence and security and provided the peace and stability on which we have built Singapore.

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[360 VR] LEO LIu Xuanqi uob Art Gallery  Exhibition 2017

Leo Liu Xuan Qi (刘轩齐) left his decade-long career as an art director in the field of design and advertising to pursue art full-time. Liu explores objects and elements from traditional Chinese ink paintings, icons and imageries in eastern cultures.

Through his art, Liu fuses these ideas with contemporary designs, merging the east and west by adopting a different artistic expression through his interpretation of traditional media, elements and designs.

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[360 VR] Colors of Comple-X-city Art Exhibition

Danya Yu is an accountant-turned-artist who graduated from The University of Melbourne, Australia and subsequently, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Loughborough University, UK.

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