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Why Chinese Painting is Good for your health?

chinese painting good for health

Chinese painting, often associated with traditional Chinese art and culture, has been believed to have various positive effects on health and well-being for centuries.

2023 Singapore International Chinese Painting Exhibition

2023 Singapore International Chinese painting exhibition

The Singapore International Chinese Painting Exhibition is an annual event held in Singapore that showcases traditional and contemporary Chinese painting. It provides a platform for artists from Singapore and around the world to display their works and exchange artistic ideas. The exhibition typically features a wide range of Chinese painting styles, including ink wash painting, […]

A Comprehensive collection of Ancient Chinese Paintings – China’s Song Dynasty Paintings Exhibition in Singapore

chinese painting exhibition in singapore

Time: 2023年5月30日–6月18日,上午10:30–17:00,周一及公共假日闭馆。 Address: 中国文化中心展厅(217 Queen Street, 188548) During the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD), Chinese painting experienced significant developments and reached new heights. Song dynasty painting can be characterized by the following features: Landscape Painting: Landscape painting became the dominant genre during the Song dynasty. Artists sought to depict the grandeur and tranquility of nature, emphasizing […]

The long and rich history of Chinese art

chinese painting history

The history of Chinese art is a long and rich one that dates back to prehistoric times. Here is a brief overview of the major periods and styles of Chinese art: Shang and Zhou Dynasties (1600 BCE-256 BCE): During this time, bronze vessels were decorated with intricate designs, many of which incorporated animal and human […]

Singapore Chinese Painting Class for kids

chinese painting class in sg

At our art studio, we provide Chinese painting class for kids above 6 years old. Chinese painting is different from other types of paintings. For example, sketch oil painting can be modified at any time; Chinese painting takes shape and cannot be changed. So you can exercise your child’s ability to judge. Cultivate children’s thinking ability and […]

Chinese painting kingfisher painting appreciation 国画翠鸟

Chinese Painting Kingfisher by Steven Fang Yucheng

Today in this Chinese painting kingfisher demonstration video, we are going to show you how to paint king fisher bird in Chinese painting. Chinese painting is a traditional art form that has existed for thousands of years. This Chinese painting kingfisher demo is done by Steven Fang Yucheng ( The pointed green jade is the […]

AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, SINGAPORE 2019 and Young Talent Programme

AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, SINGAPORE 2019 22 – 24 NOVEMBER 2019 F1 PIT BUILDING, 1 REPUBLIC BOULEVARD Affordable Art Fair, the world’s leading showcase for affordable contemporary art, returns to Singapore from 22 – 24 November 2019. All set to turn the city pink and celebrate its 10th year in Singapore, this year’s edition will offer […]

Famous Chinese Artists Chinese Orchid Painting

The orchid is a flower with a hint of fragrance. The orchid is full of fragrance and the color of the flower is very popular. So what is the meaning of orchids, what are the symbolic meanings of orchids? Orchid is a precious and magical herb. She grows in the wild forests of the mountains. […]

Chinese Painting – Beginner Full Course 10 Sessions Every Friday 7-9pm (Starting May 24th, 2019)

Chinese Painting – Beginner Full Course 10 Sessions Every Friday 7-9pm Our new Chinese painting beginner full course starts on May 24th (Friday), 2019 7-9pm, and will run every Friday 7-9pm for 10 weeks, total course fee is S$330 only. The full course will come with certificate after completion and will eligible to enroll our […]

Yang Qun Opera Paintings Exhibition Singapore Station

艺术家/Artist: 杨群Yang Qun 展期/Exhibition Time:1月18—1月23 开幕时间/Opening: 1月18下午七点 展览地点/Exhibition Location:新加坡239003穆罕默德苏丹路65 Homes65艺术空间Homes65 Artroom,65 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239003 联系电话 Tel:9648-1762 Introduction to YANG QUN Born in Feb.1958,Graduated from Normal University of An Hui, specializing in woodcut, in 1982 Taught in Art Department of Teacher’s College of Fu Yang in 1985 and participated in first Two-person’s woodcut show […]