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Tiger Painting Step by Step, Chinese Painting Demonstration by Steven Fang Yucheng

tiger painting

Today in this traditional Chinese Painting for beginner tutorial, we are going to show you how to paint Tiger, the Tiger painting demonstration is done by Steven Fang Yucheng. The traditional Chinese painting is a traditional Chinese art that has been passed on for thousands of years! in this detail step by step painting tutorial, […]

One of the most well-known contemporary Chinese painters – Qibaishi and his Shrimp Paintings

famous chinese painter qi baishi

Qi Baishi (齊白石, 1864-1957) Qi Baishi was one of the most beloved and well-known Chinese artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. The subjects of his paintings include almost everything, Qi Baishi is particularly known for painting shrimps. His original name is Qi Huang (齊璜) and style name Weiqing (渭清). Some of Qi’s major influences […]

Zhang Daqian – The Chinese Picasso – Signature “Splash Painting” Mountains and landscape

chinese painting artist zhang daqian

Zhang Daqian or Chang Dai-chien (Chinese: 张大千, 10 May 1899 – 2 April 1983) was one of the best-known and most prodigious Chinese artists of the twentieth century. Originally known as a guohua (traditionalist) painter, by the 1960s he was also renowned as a modern impressionist and expressionist painter. In addition, he is regarded as […]

Modest Art Educator – Steven Fang Yucheng on the Chinese Painting

Steven Fang Yucheng Chinese Paintinga

Steven Fang Yucheng 房玉成 inherited the art gene from his father, who loves painting and playing violin, “I started to paint everywhere I could when I was about 2 years old, initially this causes a lot problems, because we rent a house at the time, and I started to paint on the walls, not only our room, also landlord’s house walls with anything that could make a color… but gradually my parents found that I wasn’t drawing randomly…” Steven said.

Famous Chinese Artists Chinese Orchid Painting

The orchid is a flower with a hint of fragrance. The orchid is full of fragrance and the color of the flower is very popular. So what is the meaning of orchids, what are the symbolic meanings of orchids? Orchid is a precious and magical herb. She grows in the wild forests of the mountains. […]

The ultimate state of mind in Chinese painting – China Artist Xu Hai Qing

Artist Name: Xu Hai Qing Distinguished Painter in residence, by Youth Academy of Li Keran Academy of Painting Xu was born in Weifang, Shandong province in 1981, graduated from Art College of Renmin University of China in 2006, Xu’s teachers include master Lu Yushun & master Zhang Zhimin. 徐海庆,李可染画院青年画院特聘画家,1981年生于山东潍坊,2002年考取中国人民大学艺术学院,2006年毕业,获学士学位,师从卢禹舜,张志民。 Art Exhibitions: 2014, Hanyishenfei Chinese Painting […]

Art & Interior Design

singapore art and interior design

A home’s interior design is defined by its details. the furniture, color, and layout of every room must be cohesive and logical, but the smaller, often-overlooked facets of design – including the selection of art – are what really make a home unique and vibrant. Considering the walls of your residence as mere frames and […]

Artist Studio OpenHouse Art Workshop| Goodman Arts Centre Openhouse Re:imagined!

Artist Studio OpenHouse Art workshop – Goodman Arts Centre Openhouse Re:imagined! Did you visit our art workshop at the Goodman Arts Centre Openhouse 2018? The Re:imagined!, our studio is also on the list and the workshop we held “DIY acrylic & mixed media painting” art workshop attracted 120 plus participants, here are some of […]

Master Wu Guanzhong (吴冠中)’s Best Student – SINGAPORE ARTIST – REN JIAN HUI 任建辉

singapore artist ren jian hui

Master Wu Guanzhong (吴冠中)’s Best Student – SINGAPORE ARTIST – REN JIAN HUI 任建辉 Mr. Ren Jianhui, born in ChenDu, China. He graduated from Art Academy of Tsinghua University. His teacher was the Art Master Mr. Wu Guanzhong. In 2013, he was selected as one of the “Top 60 Masters of International Contemporary artists” by […]