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There was once a time that attaching a picture of a piece of ART was enough to entice the readers. While images can most certainly enhance the Artworks presentation, but videos have a much further reaching effect on today’s media driven culture. People are presented with so much information that they have to make a decision about what they take the time to read and view.

Video promotions will bring a clearer understanding of the Art events or Art works. Readers also find it more convenient to watch a video while trying to accomplish other tasks.

Singapore-Japan Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition 2017

Singapore-Japan Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition 2017 is an ink painting exhibition jointly organized by the Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy and Painting Society (Singapore) and The International Sumi-e Association (Japan).

AAC Online Art Contest 2017 – Artworks Submission (Inter Update)

Due to overwhelming response and we received many calls asking us to extend the online contest, we have decided to extend our ‘AAC 2017 Online Art Contest’ Entry submission till September 17th, 2017 and the voting end date will be extended till September 25th, 2017

ION ART Young Talent Programme 2016/17 Winners Solo Exhibitions

Entering its sixth year this November, The Young Talent Programme, a joint initiative by Affordable Art Fair Singapore and ION Art, continues to lead the way in fostering the talents of young artists while providing an exceptional source of new works

Chinese Calligraphy Demo – Kai Shu Practise

Visit our youtube channel to get more art training videos, tips and demonstrations.

South West China Thriving Energy Art Exhibition

China Cultural Centre
Network of International Culturalink Entities
Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Artist Leo LiuXuanQi | 刘轩齐-空谷幽兰个人画展 | Art Seasons Gallery

2017 刘轩齐–空谷幽兰个人画展 | Art Seasons GalleryLeo Liu Xuanqi is a contemporary artist currently living in Singapore. He was awarded Platinum Award at the 31st UOB Singapore Paining of the Year Competition for his artwork “Wandering Cloud”.

Commemorating NS50 Through ART

2017 Marks 50 years of National Service. As a tribute to our National servicemen past and present, the Singapore Art Society initiated “Commemorating NS50 through ART”.



Loneliness Fruit – Liu Zhenxia Chinese Ink-figure-painting Exhibition” 2017

China famous Chinese Painting Artist – Liu Zhen Xia’s “Loneliness Fruit – Liu Zhenxia Chinese Ink-figure-painting Exhibition” is now on China Cultural Center. 

The Perfect “BALANCE” – Artist Terence Teo

Mr Terence Teo was born in Singapore in 1953, graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1980. Mr Teo is now also the president of Singapore Art Society.

Doodler drawing “WEFI” demonstration – speed drawing, simple drawing using marker

Doodler drawing demonstration by Steven Fang Yucheng, simple drawing just using marker + canvas, name is “WEFI” 

watercolor tutorial draw carnation mothers day 2017

Step by step video tutorial on how to paint flowers using watercolor, go try paint one and send to your dearest mom for the best wishes this Mother’s day!