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How to draw and paint old car with watercolor – video for kids to learn art watercolor

In this video today, we are showing you how to paint an old car using watercolor step by step, watch the video and pick up your pencil and brushes to paint one for yourself today, keep creating new things everyday! hope you enjoy this video and help us click on that thumb up if you […]

Chinese Painting – Beginner Full Course 10 Sessions Every Friday 7-9pm (Starting May 24th, 2019)

Chinese Painting – Beginner Full Course 10 Sessions Every Friday 7-9pm Our new Chinese painting beginner full course starts on May 24th (Friday), 2019 7-9pm, and will run every Friday 7-9pm for 10 weeks, total course fee is S$330 only. The full course will come with certificate after completion and will eligible to enroll our […]

Can Chinese Painting (Xie Yi) be used to do portrait painting?

Many people think the traditional Chinese  painting is very 2 dmension like style and this limits the style from nowadays the realistic paintings, but that’s a misunderstanding of Chinese painting, as a style that’s using water and ink as the main medium, Chinese painting actually can do a lot, and let’s look at some of […]

The ultimate state of mind in Chinese painting – China Artist Xu Hai Qing

Artist Name: Xu Hai Qing Distinguished Painter in residence, by Youth Academy of Li Keran Academy of Painting Xu was born in Weifang, Shandong province in 1981, graduated from Art College of Renmin University of China in 2006, Xu’s teachers include master Lu Yushun & master Zhang Zhimin. 徐海庆,李可染画院青年画院特聘画家,1981年生于山东潍坊,2002年考取中国人民大学艺术学院,2006年毕业,获学士学位,师从卢禹舜,张志民。 Art Exhibitions: 2014, Hanyishenfei Chinese Painting […]

Learn how to paint KOI fish and Gold fish in Chinese Painting

koi fish chinese painting

Koi fish symbolism (pronounced coy fish) is common in both Chinese culture and feng shui, depicted on artwork, clothing, tattoos, and even with live fish used in landscape design. By knowing the koi meaning and long history, you can more easily understand why people revere this beautiful fish so deeply. Koi are an ancient and […]

Yang Qun Opera Paintings Exhibition Singapore Station

艺术家/Artist: 杨群Yang Qun 展期/Exhibition Time:1月18—1月23 开幕时间/Opening: 1月18下午七点 展览地点/Exhibition Location:新加坡239003穆罕默德苏丹路65 Homes65艺术空间Homes65 Artroom,65 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239003 联系电话 Tel:9648-1762 Introduction to YANG QUN Born in Feb.1958,Graduated from Normal University of An Hui, specializing in woodcut, in 1982 Taught in Art Department of Teacher’s College of Fu Yang in 1985 and participated in first Two-person’s woodcut show […]

Drawing Video – Italy Rome Complesso del Vittoriano

how to draw complesso del vittoriano

Drawing Video – Italy Rome Complesso del Vittoriano Today in this video we are showing you how to draw Rome Complesso del Vittoriano 维托里亚诺纪念堂(罗马) step by step. We are showing you how to draw using rulers, this video is created for kids to learn art and enjoy drawing, training their skills and creativities by drawing […]

Free Online Video For Kids to Learn Drawing – Drawing the India Taj Mahal

India Taj Mahal Drawing Video tutorial

Free Online Video For Kids to Learn Drawing – Drawing the India Taj Mahal Today in this video demonstration, we show you how to draw India Taj Mahal using Ruler, it teaches kids and beginners to draw basic shapes using Ruler and to create a drawing using lines only. if you like this video, welcome […]