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AAC2017 Art Contest Award Ceremony @ Visual Arts Centre Singapore

Singapore art event aac2017 art contest winners

AAC 2017 Online Art Contest Winner Award Ceremony is on @ Visual Arts Centre, Singapore Oct 31st, 2017 Top 20 artists come out from the contest have joined the Award Ceremony. The AAC2017 is the first online art contest held by Artist Singapore, AllGo Digital Group and the partner companies. During the whole contest, we […]

AAC 2017 Online Art Contest Winners – Cristine Gonzales

AAC 2017 art contest winner Cristine Gonzales

Artist: Cristine Gonzales Artist Introduction: Cristine Gonzales comes from the Philippines and now a Singapore Permanent Resident. She has been with F&B industry for 8 years and now as a concierge at a commercial building in CBD for 2yrs. What medium you work in? Mixed Media, Cristine uses pure imagination and creativity using any materials that […]