Born and raised in Singapore, Tan Oe Pang (b.1947) is a leading contemporary multi-­‐disciplinary artist who works with a wide variety of mediums which includes Chinese ink, Chinese calligraphy, oil painting, sculpture, mixed media and poetry.

At the age of 13, he was mentored by Fan Chang Tien, the third generation master of Hai Discipline, from whom he acquired the art of traditional Chinese ink painting. Subsequently, Tan’s artistry developed into a distinctive fusion of Eastern and Western art techniques as he seeks to push aside the constraints of tradition and cross cultural boundaries.

In his latest solo exhibition -­‐ Lotus Love, Sky One Art Gallery proudly presents a series of contemporary Chinese ink paintings featuring Tan’s diverse depiction and perception of lotus at different time periods. With a high sensibility and close observation of the world around him, Tan brings his painted subjects to life through the use of varied dynamic brush strokes, rendered in a coalescence of Xie Yi and Gong Bi styles.

The interplay of strokes in his bold freestyle expression creates tension and captures energy of the interaction among his subjects. The exaggerated yet harmonious abstract compositions subtly evoke emotions as Tan skilfully weaves various elements in his work into a visual poetry.

Tan Oe Pang has exhibited widely overseas in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Germany, Holland, Scotland, South Korea, Taiwan, China and the United States of America. He participated in the 1985 International Biennial of Arts in Sao Paolo and was invited to join in the 1989 International Biennial of Arts Valparasio in Chile.

In 1987, The Academy of Chinese Paintings in Beijing invited him to be a guest lecturer and he held solo exhibitions on calligraphy and painting. In 2007, he held solo exhibition and launched two books -­‐ “Perfect Dimension” and “Homeland” -­‐ at the Singapore Art Museum. Subsequently, he had solo show and forum at Hai Shang Shan Art Center, Shanghai in 2008 and a solo exhibition “Relevation of the The Tang Dynasty” at Chiang Kai-­‐Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei in 2009.

His works are collected by museums and international private collectors. They include the National Gallery Singapore, Singapore Art Museum and Singapore Embassy in Thailand, Korea and China.

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26 July – 31 August 2017
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