AAC 2017 Online Art Contest Winners – Kanchan Mehendale

Artist: Kanchan Mehendale

Artist Introduction:

Kanchan Mehendale comes from Mumbai, India. I currently reside in Singapore. Am an artist by profession, run a sole proprietary business for my art work.

I am a self taught artist. Years of practice, learning about colour theories, depth and perspectives, as well as tons of experimenting has helped me build on knowledge and understanding of some of the aspects of art. I have worked on several themes, tried several styles and worked with multiple mediums.

What medium you work in?

Acrylic, oils and watercolors

what you hope to accomplish with your art?

Kanchan Mehendale: To communicate with and delight the viewer. Some of my works also attempt to promote a message about equality of races.

Any significant projects you are working on, upcoming exhibitions, collaborations?

I am participating in a group exhibition, ‘Artscape’ in December 2017, to be held at SOTA.

Artworks by Kanchan Mehendale

AAC 2017 winning artwork - Fire and Ice
AAC 2017 winning artwork – Fire and Ice
AAC 2017 winning artwork - Love IV
AAC 2017 winning artwork – Love IV