Zhang Daqian – The Chinese Picasso – Signature “Splash Painting” Mountains and landscape

chinese painting artist zhang daqian

Zhang Daqian or Chang Dai-chien (Chinese: 张大千, 10 May 1899 – 2 April 1983) was one of the best-known and most prodigious Chinese artists of the twentieth century.

Originally known as a guohua (traditionalist) painter, by the 1960s he was also renowned as a modern impressionist and expressionist painter. In addition, he is regarded as one of the most gifted master forgers of the twentieth century.

Zhang was born in 1899 in Sichuan Province to a financially struggling but artistic family. In 1917, Zhang went to Kyoto, Japan with his brother and sister to study painting and weaving and dyeing. Returning to Shanghai in 1919, he met with Li Meizhen as teachers and studied poetry and painting. Since 1927, He had visited the famous mountains and rivers and visited Huangshan several times. In 1929, he served as the first National Art Exhibition Director. In 1933, he served as Professor of Art at Nanjing National Central University for one year. From 1941 to 43, he went to Dunhuang and copied Dunhuang murals.

张大千(1899-1983)名爱,号大千,四川内江人。自幼随母学画,一九一七年与兄善同赴日本京都 ,学习绘画及织染工艺。一九一九年返上海,拜会农髯、李梅庵为师,学习诗文书画。一九二七年始遍游名山大川,曾游黄山数次。一九二九年任第一届全国美展干事,一九三三年任南京国立中央大学艺术系教授一年。一九四一年至四三年间赴敦煌,临摹敦煌壁画。一九四九年到香港。五零年赴印度展览,侨居大吉岭年余。一九五二年移居阿根廷,五三年居巴西,六九年居美国,至七七年回台湾定居,建摩 耶精舍。八三年卒,是为中国现代最重要画家之一。

famous chinese painting artist zhang daqian
famous chinese painting artist zhang daqian