[Video] Singapore-Japan Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition 2017

Singapore-Japan Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition 2017 is an ink painting exhibition jointly organized by the Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy and Painting Society (Singapore) and The International Sumi-e Association (Japan).

The friendship between Siaw-Tao and the International Sumi-e Associate goes back 16 years. Since 2001, Ms Kinsui Katori has invited Siaw-Tao to participate in the Exhibition of International Sumi-e Association every year. This year, it is with great pleasure that the Exchange Exhibition will be hosted by Siaw-Tao in Singapore.

A total of 50 brush and ink paintings by 50 artists will be showcased, of which 20 are from Singapore and the other 30 from Japan. Although ink painting has existed in both Chinese and Japanese cultures for thousands of years, they have each developed and formed their own distinctive styles over time.

History has proven that that civilisations with eras of cultural prominence and heightened creativity were often periods of immense openness – those that allowed for exchanges of ideas and collaboration from different cultures. In the same light, it is hoped that this cross-border cultural exchange between Siaw-Tao and The International Sumi-e Association (Japan) serves as an excellent platform for broadening artistic horizons and enriching practice of artists of both countries; and inspirations and paradigms be gleaned from the collaboration as both societies continue to strive untiringly for the development of ink painting.

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