Tiger Chinese Painting 國畫虎 全過程

Chinese painting tiger

Chinese Painting Tiger Full Process by Fang Yucheng 國畫虎 全過程。

Chinese painting tiger is combining the Xie Yi and Gong bi in the whole painting process. how to paint tiger in Chinese ink and color, a lot people are interested in how to paint tiger using Chinese ink.

The Chinese ink painting is a thousands of years traditional art. Chinese Painting Tiger, Singapore Chinese Painting Class conducted by Singapore Chinese Painter Steven Fang Yucheng You can also visit Steven’s personal website (www.stevefang.com) for more of his paintings.

In China, the tiger is known as the “king of the beasts”, not only because of the innate “king” word on its forehead, but also because of its immensely powerful and powerful image.

Tigers originated in China, so they established a close survival relationship with the Chinese people very early, which made the Chinese people have a feeling of worship for tigers since the primitive era, especially in southern China and northeast China.




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