Painting Plum Blossoms in Chinese painting

Painting Plum Blossoms

How to appreciate Chinese painting plum blossoms because of its beautiful meaning, plum blossom paintings have always been the main role of the flower and bird paintings in the painter’s pen.

Many people like to hang a plum blossom painting at home, because the plum blossoms are not afraid of the cold Noble morality is also so sought after because of the beautiful posture of plum blossoms. Plum blossom paintings at home are indeed an excellent choice, but Chinese painting plum blossoms have different painting methods and different painting methods.

The effect is also different, so knowing how to draw plum blossoms in Chinese painting is very helpful for appreciating plum blossoms, and also helps to choose the type of plum blossoms you like.

Chinese painting is a traditional art form that has existed for thousands of years. This demo is done by Steven Fang Yucheng

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