Chinese Painting Orchid and Teapot appreciation

Chinese painting orchid by Steven Fang yucheng

Today in this Chinese Painting Appreciation Video, our Chinese Painter Fang Yucheng will show you how to paint Chinese orchid flower and grass in Chinese Xie Yi Painting Style.

Fang Yucheng has been painting for over 30 years and currently teaching in Singapore Art Studio, the Chinese painting course provided by Fang Yucheng include beginner, intermediate and advanced painting, which covers flowers painting, birds painting, animal painting and landscape painting.

For more information about Fang Yucheng, you can visit his personal website at for more details.

In traditional Chinese culture , the orchid and enjoy the blue, painted blue, blue writing, has been one mold character, self-cultivation of important ways, known as the “national incense”, “King sweet” China Orchid become elegant culture representative.

Since ancient times, people have regarded orchids as a symbol of nobleness, elegance, patriotism, and perseverance.

Orchids symbolize nobility. The orchids are elegant and elegant, the flowers are dignified, and the fragrance is clear and far away, which has always been a symbol of noble personality.

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