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Why Chinese Painting is Good for your health?

chinese painting good for health

Chinese painting, often associated with traditional Chinese art and culture, has been believed to have various positive effects on health and well-being for centuries.

A Comprehensive collection of Ancient Chinese Paintings – China’s Song Dynasty Paintings Exhibition in Singapore

chinese painting exhibition in singapore

Time: 2023年5月30日–6月18日,上午10:30–17:00,周一及公共假日闭馆。 Address: 中国文化中心展厅(217 Queen Street, 188548) During the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD), Chinese painting experienced significant developments and reached new heights. Song dynasty painting can be characterized by the following features: Landscape Painting: Landscape painting became the dominant genre during the Song dynasty. Artists sought to depict the grandeur and tranquility of nature, emphasizing […]

Is Chinese painting an good choice for a corporate event?

chinese painting for corporate event

Why Chinese painting can be an excellent choice for a corporate event? here are some reasons: Cultural Appreciation: Chinese painting carries a rich cultural heritage and symbolism that can enhance the cultural experience at a corporate event. It provides an opportunity for attendees to appreciate and learn about Chinese art and its historical significance. Elegance […]

The long and rich history of Chinese art

chinese painting history

The history of Chinese art is a long and rich one that dates back to prehistoric times. Here is a brief overview of the major periods and styles of Chinese art: Shang and Zhou Dynasties (1600 BCE-256 BCE): During this time, bronze vessels were decorated with intricate designs, many of which incorporated animal and human […]

How to learn Chinese painting in Singapore?

learn chinese painting in singapore

Learning Chinese painting can be a rewarding experience that requires patience, practice, and dedication. Here are some steps to help you get started: Learn the Basics: Before you can create your own Chinese paintings, you will need to learn the basics of Chinese painting techniques and materials. This may include learning about the different types […]

5 Benefits you can get from learning Chinese Painting

5 Benefits learning Chinese painting

Chinese painting has a long and rich history dating back to ancient times. It is a unique form of art that involves using ink and watercolor to create beautiful images of landscapes, flowers, birds, and other objects. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Chinese painting around the world, and for good […]

Singapore Chinese Painting Class for kids

chinese painting class in sg

At our art studio, we provide Chinese painting class for kids above 6 years old. Chinese painting is different from other types of paintings. For example, sketch oil painting can be modified at any time; Chinese painting takes shape and cannot be changed. So you can exercise your child’s ability to judge. Cultivate children’s thinking ability and […]

Quick demo of tiger painting on small size paper, Chinese painting tiger 国画如何画虎

Quick Chinese Painting Idea – Painting Tiger 国画老虎 The Demonstration is by Steven Fang Yucheng, who is the Chinese painting teacher at Steven’s personal website   Read More Chinese painting Rose – 国画玫瑰 Chinese Painting – Orchid 国画胡姬花演示 Chinese Painting Orchid 国画胡姬花彩墨

The origin of Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy is a unique type of art formed in the history of the evolution of Chinese national characters. The rise of Chinese calligraphy art began with the generation of Chinese characters. “Sound can’t be transmitted to other places, stay at different times, so it’s a matter of writing. Writers, so it is the trace […]