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The long and rich history of Chinese art

chinese painting history

The history of Chinese art is a long and rich one that dates back to prehistoric times. Here is a brief overview of the major periods and styles of Chinese art: Shang and Zhou Dynasties (1600 BCE-256 BCE): During this time, bronze vessels were decorated with intricate designs, many of which incorporated animal and human […]

[Full Video] Chinese Painting Panda 国画熊猫

Chinese painting panda

In today’s video, we will show you how to paint panda in Chinese painting, if you would like to learn more Chinese painting, you can check out the Chinese painting courses below.

Chinese Painting – Orchid 国画胡姬花演示

Chinese painting orchid

The name orchid is derived from the Greek word “orkhis”. This exotic flower was named by an ancient Greek botanist named Theophrastos who thought that the fleshy underground tubers resembled the male anatomy. One of the major orchid genera is Paphiopedilum. The name is derived from the word “Paphos” which is the name of the […]

Chinese Painting Orchid 国画胡姬花彩墨

Chinese painting orchid

Chinese Brush Painting – Orchid Flower Painting 国画胡姬花. Orchid, specifically the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid was selected as Singapore national flower exactly on 15 April 1981. Orchids were chosen because they have been associated and identified with Singapore for quite awhile. The meaning of Orchids is perfect to symbolize and reflect the quality and spirit […]

Simple Painting Idea – Chinese Ink Painting Orchid 国画兰花

Chinese Ink Painting Orchid

Simple Painting Idea – Chinese Ink Painting Orchid 国画兰花 The earliest meaning of orchid is the mascot of love. In the original poems, Lan was compared to a gentleman, so later generations understood Lan as a symbol of a gentleman’s nobleness and virtue.  

Full Video – How to paint Peacock in Chinese Painting Style

Chinese painting peacock by Steven Fang Yucheng

How to paint Peacock in Chinese Painting, today in this 10 minutes Chinese Painting tutorial video, we will show you the full process to paint peacock in Chinese Painting Style. The Demonstration is by Steven Fang Yucheng, who is the Chinese painting teacher at Chinese Painting Peony Flower Appreciation by Chinese Painting Artist Fang […]

Chinese painting kingfisher painting appreciation 国画翠鸟

Chinese Painting Kingfisher by Steven Fang Yucheng

Today in this Chinese painting kingfisher demonstration video, we are going to show you how to paint king fisher bird in Chinese painting. Chinese painting is a traditional art form that has existed for thousands of years. This Chinese painting kingfisher demo is done by Steven Fang Yucheng ( The pointed green jade is the […]

Painting Plum Blossoms in Chinese painting

Painting Plum Blossoms

How to appreciate Chinese painting plum blossoms because of its beautiful meaning, plum blossom paintings have always been the main role of the flower and bird paintings in the painter’s pen. Many people like to hang a plum blossom painting at home, because the plum blossoms are not afraid of the cold Noble morality is […]