Can Chinese Painting (Xie Yi) be used to do portrait painting?

Many people think the traditional Chinese  painting is very 2 dmension like style and this limits the style from nowadays the realistic paintings, but that’s a misunderstanding of Chinese painting, as a style that’s using water and ink as the main medium, Chinese painting actually can do a lot, and let’s look at some of the paintings that’s done in our studio:

Chinese painting lotus, this might look a bit like water color, but the techniq and stroke are actually very different from watercolor painting, and to the thickness of the paint, it could achieve an effect that’s even between watercolor and acrylic paintings

Chinese painting lotus by Steven Fang Yucheng
Chinese painting lotus by Steven Fang Yucheng

another painting in the same lotus topic, this painting relies on more ink based painting, which the watercolor can’t achieve this effect due to the brushes.

Now let’s look at how the ink can be used to paint portrait,